Who we are

Linen Harbin Conco is one of the largest linen weavers and sewing mill in Harbin region. We produce linen upholstery fabrics, apparel linen and finished products. Our company is a professional quality linen manufacturer.

A bit of our history

Flax has been farmed and linen fabrcis woven in Harbin, China, since 1952, the first farming and linen weaving area in China.After 2000, more than 100,000 spindles and 1200 looms running for linen production in Harbin as the largest linen manufacturing city in China. Linen Harbin Conco was set up in 1997 in order to meet customize requirements for innovative and quality products and also excellent service. The founder of Linen Harbin Conco is Mr. Ungura (Swiss). In the 1990's when Mr. Ungura was around 80 years old, he had been travelling around China and he believed that China would be one of the strongest economic countries in 20 years. He helped Chinese to start their own business. After one year leading and training by Mr. Ungura, Conco was passed to Chinese Gu family in 1997.
Name of Conco abstract from "COoperation aNd COordination".
1996: Harbin Conco set up the company
2003: Company set up own garment factory
2005: Conco set up one weaving mill with 74 looms. On the same year, Conco has started the cooperation with Van de Bilt Company , which is one of biggest flax growing and scutched mill in Europe. The stable and good quality flax fiber supply from West Europe ensure Conco yarns and fabrics in good quality and competitive price


Conco is vertical quality linen manufacturer, who has one garment factory and one weaving mill, partner with flax growing mill - Van de Bilt Company - Netherland, and two Chinese dyeing mills. Company head-office locates in Harbin and one office in Shanghai.

Our strength

Conco has strong design team, a professional inspection and quality control system.
Italian designer is a member of Premiere Vision for fashion trend.
Automatic sampling loom helps get new fabric within one day.
Well equipped apparel sampling workshop (US PGM CAD pattern machine). Could get sample done within 3days from weaving fabric.
Control fabric quality from fiber. Grow and produce fiber in Europe.
A.Q.L. 4.0 and 1 in 9 are our QC tool.

Our mission

  • Linen is our passion
  • Make innovative and quality products and offer an excellent service
  • Create a good working enviroment
  • Offer a large range of fabrics and finish products

Our skills

Flexible with MOQ
Short lead time
Flexible with payment terms
Responsible for environment
Reliable and consistency on Quality