Pile of handmade dull-colored waffle linen cotton napkins towels on white linen background. Different colours. Food photo props
Conco home linen fabrics are used for kitchen tea towels, curtains, sofas, table cloths, oil painting fabrics, with widths from 70cm to 320cm and weights from 110g/sqm to 450g/sqm.
For artex and kitchen use: we have special looms with widths of 80cm and 330cm. Both of them are very rare in China.
Matching with wide and narrow finishing and dying house, Conco can supply the maximum 310cm width color linen. The shrinkage and color fastness testing are in good quality.
Our narrow looms can do 70cm width in end selvage. Clients do printing on it to make nice tea towels.
For sofa and curtain use: abrasion, light color fastness, weight and shrinkage are very important for these kinds of the fabrics. By using good quality fiber, dying and finishing techniques with support from UW and partners in Italy, and dyestuff supported from a Swiss company, Conco linen abrasion is over 20,000 rubs , some even can reach 30,000 rubs.
For oil painting fabrics and carpet multi - use: our coarser yarns both in dry spun and wet spun are used for oil painting fabrics and carpet multi-use. Fabrics weight is from 180g/sqm to 450g/sqm.
Our home fabrics main markets is UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, USA and Canada. Conco supplies the organic linen fabrics.

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Our weaving mill is equipped with 48 sets of rapier looms, 10 sets of shuttle narrow looms, 12 sets of Suzer width looms and 4 sets of jacquard looms.
Loom greige: good quality greige is the foundation of the further finishing. Using good quality yarns plus good looms plus professional inspectors, it ensures Conco's greige to be good quality at the beginning.
Dyeing + Finishing: Conco now is working with two dyeing mills. In order to guarantee the quality, COnco Inspectors and technicians stay at factories during the production period, not only to inspect the quality and the technical support, but also to watch the delivery iime.
Yarn dye: Conco works with two yarn dying houses, one cone dye, one rope dye. Both of them are special in linen dying. Strictly selected yarns, professional technicians, full sets of equipment and strict inspection ensures good quality fabrics.
Design: in 2009, an Italian designer subsquently joined the team. With this Italian designer's assistance, Conco foresaw the trend quickly and made new collections to follow it.
Quality: Our collection is for casual and formal garment, from men to women, from shirts, pants, suit, jacket and outerwear. We offer huge range of different technique: printing, indigo print, embrodery, jaquard, delave. Different finishing - airo, easy care, cool down, chinze, pigment, foil, vintage, coated, water repellent etc..
Inspection: each meters is strictly inspected under 4 points inspection standard before shipping out. Inspection report map will be supplied to buyers.

Linen fiber is very absorbent and garments made of linen are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness. Linen fabric feels cool to touch: it is smooth and gets softer the more it is washed.